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Boones Ferry Primary

We are so thrilled to be part of the Boones Ferry Primary School community and have been for 4 years. Not only do we feel that our kids are getting an excellent academic education, also (and just as important) they are getting a social education on how to treat others, how to interact with fellow students, teachers and parent volunteers in a positive way and how to become successful lifelong learners. The involved, supportive BFPS staff is evident in every aspect of the school and is reflected in the students’ enthusiasm for Boones Ferry.

-Andrea Lowery, Wilsonville Oregon

Boones Ferry Primary is a great school and one of the reasons we moved to Wilsonville a few years ago. We admire and love Mrs. Patterson and all the great teachers at Boones Ferry. They truly care about the kids and it shows. Our children feel safe here and look forward to going to school to learn, grow and be with their friends. What more could you ask for?

- John Killelea, Wilsonville Oregon

Our time at Boones Ferry has been amazing! Every staff member is dedicated, caring, and professional. Each child is honored and challenged to do his/her best both as a student and friend to others. There is a sense of community between staff, students and parents that has truly enriched our lives.

- Jodie Westing